Voice of the Forgotten Souls.


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Welcome to Diamonds in the Ruff Rescue MO!
A Voice for the Voiceless

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Oh Mario, you're so cute! And ready for your forever family - - is it you? Mario is a mixed...read more about Mario
Nancy LOVES to play with toys! She will snuggle with you all night (she's the perfect little spo...read more about Nancy
Mama Mia...in Italian means "oh my goodness". Mama Mia is a beautiful dog with a gent...read more about Mia
  Bea Arthur
Look at her smoosh face! Bea Arthur is a young gorgeous American Bulldog Mix who loves all people wi...read more about Bea Arthur
Who needs a senior in their life? Let me introduce you to Xena: warrior princess. Xena was found a...read more about Xena
Phyllis just recently had puppies and is looking for a foster or adopter! She's great with kids ...read more about Phyllis
ROSIE just got done being a mom to gorgeous little puppies but she's ready to give her love else...read more about Rosie
Meet Karma   What Karma's foster says about her: "S he is a sweetheart!! She...read more about Karma
  Eloise - Coming Soon (:
Eloise belonged to a breeder who doesn't believe in medical care. She went into labor and coul...read more about Eloise - Coming Soon (:
Albert is a 5-6 month old puppy who loves to chase balls & be with you! He is potty trained, neu...read more about Albert
  Bruno, Bart, Boris
Look at these 3 puppies! Hound mixes!
  Darlene, Debbie, Diane, Donnie, Doug
Meet the 'D' Shepherd Mixes.  Darlene, Debbie, Diane, Donnie, Doug
  Swiss, Colby, Mozarella, Cheddar
Who doesn't love cheese? These puppies are Shepard/Lab mix and are beautiful! Ask us how to meet...read more about Swiss, Colby, Mozarella, Cheddar
  Candace, Carl, Claire, Cora, Craig, Chad
Candace, Carl, Claire, Cora, Craig, Chad
Sigmund is a brindle and white Boston Terrier that is a perfect house guest. Ask us how to meet this...read more about Sigmund
Dexter is a cutie pie. He's ~1 yr old, and his foster tells us he's very smart, spunky, dog ...read more about Dexter
Rooster is beautiful tricolor pitt mix, ~4 years old. He is non-reactive on the leash, easy to walk ...read more about Rooster

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