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Boarded Pup in Need a Foster or Adoptive Home 

She’s resilient as heck. She’s been pregnant, dumped at a shelter, and missed euthanasia literally within minutes.  Diamonds took her into the family to save her life and now she needs a family of her own.  She has been in boarding for months, but has stayed even keel.  Every volunteer that spends time with her, LOVES her!  She deserves a real life, in a real home.

She acts like a 2-3 yr old dog—plays with her toys herself, loves occasional zoomies, but mostly happy to be cuddling in a warm bed with a human friend.

She does this silly bark that means give me attention.  We are teaching her to not do this because not everyone understands what she is saying.

She’s a fast learner! She knows how to release a toy, sit, leave it, and stay. And she is the gentlest thing when taking treats.  

She’s grouchy with other dogs and does not like sharing her things. She will need to be the only dog in the home.  She's a princess.  What can we say :) 

She walks on a harness, loose leash, doesn’t pull and literally goes potty w/in seconds of hitting the mulch or grass. She can wait for hours between potty breaks. A win if she is an apartment dog or gets a home without a fence.

She doesn’t bark a lot. She will stay in a kennel for hours and just goes to sleep. She has a sad cry when left, but it only lasts for a couple minutes. She’s so happy to see you when you come home. She patiently sits and waits in the kennel with her body smooshed up against the kennel.

Apply today to foster or adopt!


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